Exhibition Catalogue


Softcover, saddlestiched. 8.25 x 8.25 inches. 46 pages, 18 color plates.

No longer available. Ordering ended May 25, 2015.

In conjunction with Anelecia Hannah Brooks’ 2015 exhibition “Keeping Time”, Waterworks Gallery presents a catalogue of paintings from the exhibition, featuring 18 color plates accompanied by quotations from the artist, an introduction by Ruth Offen, and an essay by Anna Johnson.



 “Truth, full stop, and beauty, full stop, we cannot see or access in their entirety.

The most we can do is use sticks and oils and metals and bodies and other things

that come from this rock, none of which are truth or beauty in full,

to try to reach for them.” 


                                                                                          –Anna Johnson


Anelecia Hannah Brooks’ work is contemporary realism painted with depth and emotive qualities that remind us of our place in the world. Anelecia, grown and raised in the Pacific Northwest, creates meditative and reflective paintings. Her quiet paintings of everyday objects reflect the passage of time... the used piece of soap, the crumpled up ticket and childhood stuffed animals.